Indoor Percussion


Level: Intermediate (PSO)
In Stratos, performers and audience members alike experience the dramatic scope of Felix Baumgartner's mindset before he became the first man to jump from the edge of space back down towards Earth.

Always Now - Percussion

Level: Intermediate (PSA / PSO)
Always Now reflects upon the importance of ignoring the petty paradoxes of life, and the distractions of the future in order to fully devote one's self to the present moment - elevated through a stirring musical narrative centered on the themes of self-discovery and seizing the moment.

Find My Way

Level: PSO
“Find My Way” is a heart-stopping musical production centered around the aftermath of a loss in life, and how we navigate through the complex maelstrom of emotions in order to find ourselves once again. The cinematic scoring offers the opportunity to explore emotionally charged concepts paired with a contemporary sound palette.

Dystopia - Percussion

Level: PSO
For indoor percussion ensembles eager to explore the darker end of the conceptual spectrum, “Dystopia” offers a harrowing and cinematic musical interpretation of the words of legendary author, George Orwell, and the world in which Big Brother antagonizes its citizens by stripping them of their humanity - ever observant and always watchful.

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Visual Design Available - Please Inquire for more information Costuming, Floor and Set Design available.

When You're Young

Level: PSO
"Do something when you're young. Before its too late." This is the message woven through this heartfelt and uplifting show. The musical soundtrack creates a feeling of youth and asks us to follow our hearts.

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Visual Design and Consultation Available. Digitally printed floor available.

Red Planet - Concert

Level: PSCO - Intermediate
Red Planet explores the music of Gustav Holst in settings of some of the themes from The Planets. A rich cinematic electronics layer complements the percussion score.

Minus 1

Level: PSO - PSW
Minus 1 is a show with a multitude of musical, emotional and aesthetic effects all built into one seamless package. A lush soundtrack with hints of Debussy's Clair de Lune is our twist on lost love.

Baker Street

Level: PSA
Baker Street is based on the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. The show takes us on a journey with the detective through the committing of the crime, hunting for clues, and ultimately apprehending the criminal.

Fortress of Solitude

Level: PSA - PSO
An homage to Superman, Fortress of Solitude is a cinematic interpretation of one of our favorite comic book legends.

The Rose

Level: PSO
At its core, “The Rose” is a vivid musical production that feels right at home with an epic adventure in search of a magical relic.


Level: PSA
Featuring the music of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scherezade", this show is a musical tale about the art of storytelling.


Level: PSA
Glitch is a show written with the beginning ensemble in mind. This show has an electronic musical feel and can be adapted to many different concepts. This show is a great jumping off point for the A class ensemble.

Three Dances

Level: Intermediate (PSCO)
Three Dances includes the following arrangements:

Alborada del Gracioso - Maurice Ravel
Arabesque No. 1 - Claude Debussy
Infernal Dance (From the Firebird Ballet) - Igor Stravinsky.

The three arrangements work well as standalone concert pieces or can be combined for an exciting and musical concert percussion show.

The Noise Inside

Level: High PSA - PSO
The Noise Inside profiles the escape from imprisonment in ones own mind. Dark undertones and a beautiful ending, this show has the potential to convey many feelings and ideas.

Mizu (Water)

Level: PSO
A musical depiction on the nature of water - this show is very fluid in nature and requires a great degree of sensitivity.

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Music by Kevin Shah Battery Percussion by Mike Jackson Chimes/Crotales Xylophone/Bells Vibes (3) Marimbas (4) Auxiliary (2) Synthesizer/Sampler (2) Snares Tenors Bass Drums (5) Cymbals

Fade to Black

Level: PSO
Fade to Black is our tribute to Beethoven's gift and his curse. The musical soundtrack includes arrangements from his 7th and 9th symphonies as well as the Moonlight Sonata.


Level: PSW
Legend is our tribute to the epic myths and fantastic tales we grew up with. The sense of grandeur and wonder is paralleled by innovative percussive writing and sound design. Not for the faint of heart, Legend is an extremely demanding show that requires the most advanced skill sets for both the battery and front ensemble.