Indoor Percussion

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle (5:45)



Level: Intermediate / Advanced (PSO/PSW)
Message in a Bottle presents an enigmatic examination regarding our life circumstances in the hands of forces beyond our understanding, and that even in the midst of darkness there lies a means of salvation. The contemporary musical score evokes a wide palette of emotions, with rhythmic and textural elements patiently constructing the emotional peaks and valleys of an odyssey that aims to find the light amidst the uncertainty of life. Beyond the boundaries of fear and doubt, this modern and musical vision of an opportunistic world leaves a significant impact with its message. "The gods will offer you chances. Take them."


Music by Kevin Shah
and Mike Jackson

Snare Drums
Tenor Drums
Bass Drums (5)

Xylophone / Bells
Vibraphone (4)
Marimba (4)
Synthesizer (3)
- MainStage File Included
Auxiliary Percussion (4)