Indoor Percussion

Find My Way

Find My Way - Part 1 (3:40)

Find My Way - Part 2 (2:30)



Level: Intermediate / Advanced (PSO/PSW)
“Find My Way” is a heart-stopping musical production centered around the aftermath of a loss in life, and how we navigate through the complex maelstrom of emotions in order to find ourselves once again. The cinematic scoring offers the opportunity to explore emotionally charged concepts paired with a contemporary sound palette that inspires the early segments of this mature production - simultaneously primal and literally beating with the heartache of struggle through impact-driven moments and musically dextrous phrasing. The latter half of the show finds an organic shift towards lighter skies and a musically characteristic quality embodying hope and optimism - similar to the dawn of a new era after a sustained period of personal conflict. Taking the audience on a journey of the mind, body, and spirit that is compelling as it is relatable.


Music by Kevin Shah
and Tony Nunez

Snare Drum
Tenor Drum
Bass Drums (5)

Xylo / Bells
Xylo / Bells / Crotales
Vibraphone (4)
Marimba (6)
Synthesizer (2) - MainStage File Included
Auxiliary Percussion (2)

Uniform Design and Set Design Available.
Drill Design Available.

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