Indoor Percussion

Minus 1

Minus 1 - Full Show (5:30)

Minus 1 - Part 1 (1:20)

Minus 1 - Part 2 (3:00)

Minus 1 - Part 3 (1:10)



Level: Intermediate / Advanced (PSO/PSW)
Minus 1 is a show with a multitude of musical, emotional and aesthetic effects all built into one seamless package. There are several explorations on the "Minus 1" idea including: Moments where beat "1" is masked or hidden; descending chromatic harmonic motion and melodies that are constructed via descending by 1 semitone. Debussy's iconic Clair de Lune is woven through the entire sound track - but in many instances, the melody is altered by 1 semi tone as well as phrases where 1 part of the melodic structure is removed. The overall emotional exploration of the theme is one of lost love - where love is an expression of 2 people. The irony revealed at the end of the show is that 2 minus nothing.


Music by Kevin Shah and Tony Nunez

Bells / Crotales
Vibraphone (4)
Marimba (3)
Synthesizer (3)
Auxiliary Percussion (2)

Snare Drums
Tenor Drums
Bass Drums (4 or 5)
Cymbals (Optional)