Marching Band


Rebirth - Part 1 (1:40)

Rebirth - Part 2 (1:48)

Rebirth - Part 3 (2:13)

Rebirth - Part 4 (3:00)



Level: Intermediate / Advanced
In "Rebirth", the spellbinding musical narrative explores melodies of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite and Ave Maria. In the opening production, the Firebird theme faintly emerges alongside the steady rhythm of a snare drum, gathering weight and momentum as it approaches the apex of its innate power. The second movement introduces the affecting Ave Maria theme - played by a saxophone soloist - while the accompanying snare drum rhythm transitions towards a breathless ensemble interpretation of The Dance of the Firebird. In the third movement, the Ave Maria theme takes precedent, with an expressive saxophone solo guiding the ensemble through passionate harmonic phrases that lull down to a whisper. Only before the fourth production shatters the calm with the primal rhythms of the Infernal Dance, transitioning midway into a majestic reprise of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite - heralding the ensemble's Rebirth.


Winds and Front Ensemble by Kevin Shah
Battery Percussion by Tony Nunez

Solo Baritone
Solo Saxophone

Clarinets (2)
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone (2)
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet (3)
Low Brass (3)

Snare Drum
Tenor Drum
Bass Drum (5)

Bells / Crotales / Xylophone
Vibraphones (4)
Xylophone / Bells
Marimbas (6)
Synthesizer (2)
Auxiliary Percussion (2)