Marching Band


Mandala - Part 1 (3:25)

Mandala - Part 2 (2:15)

Mandala - Part 3 (1:55)



Level: Intermediate
An entire spiritual universe awaits within the lush and exotic musical sounds of Mandala - a meditative and cosmic journey that explores the mystifying power of the Buddhist symbol. Part One offers an intriguing glimpse into this new world, ancient vocal chants combined with a gorgeous flute solo and percussive rhythms that echo within the empty caverns of this spiritual universe. Mandala's ever-evolving musicality reflects the interaction of these spiritual forces with enigmatic, beautiful, and expanding energy as the particles of creation rush across the chasm of space and time, represented with bright woodwind ostinatos and soaring brass melodies. Part Two explores the intricate allure of the mandala and its cyclical nature, as the pure and lyrical sounds from each section of the group shift from uncertainty to enlightenment. This sets the stage for the closing production, as Part Three approaches its own form of musical nirvana - woodwind and mallet flourishes paired with brass melodies that remain reinforced by thunderous percussive figures, all ascending towards the pinnacle moment of self-realization and tranquility.


Music by Kevin Shah
Battery Percussion by Mike Jackson

Winds and Front Ensemble Difficulty: Intermediate
Battery Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced


Alto Sax (2)
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax
Trumpet (3)
Horn (2)
Low Brass (3)

Snare Drums
Tenor Drums
Bass Drums (5)

Xylo / Bells / Crotales
Vibraphone (4)
Marimba (3)
Synthesizer (2)
- MainStage File Included
Auxiliary Percussion (2)