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Dystopia - Part 1 (1:45)

Dystopia - Part 2 (1:45)

Dystopia - Part 3 (2:05)

Dystopia - Part 4 (2:05)



Level: Intermediate - Advanced
For ensembles eager to explore the darker end of the conceptual spectrum, “Dystopia” offers a harrowing and cinematic musical interpretation of the words of legendary author, George Orwell, and the world in which Big Brother antagonizes its citizens by stripping them of their humanity - ever observant and always watchful. Featuring a wide assortment of electronic textures indicative of this harrowing reality, the clever melodic and rhythmic interplay between the winds, battery and the front ensemble is guaranteed to entertain audience members and players alike, while offering music that allows performers to channel a sense of unbridled power and aggression. Various lines from Orwell’s novel are strewn throughout the pulse-pounding musical narrative, adding to the oppressive atmosphere as moments of dread and the overwhelming presence of Big Brother find themselves represented within a flurry of rudimentary passages that imply nothing short of inhuman precision. Much like Orwell’s novel, this a production that remains in your head long after its sobering and incredibly powerful conclusion.


Music by Kevin Shah
Battery percussion by Mike Jackson

Alto Sax (2)
Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax

Trumpet (3)
French Horn / Mellophone
Low Brass (3)

Vibraphone (4)
Marimba (4)
Synthesizer (2) - MainStage Files Included
Auxiliary (4)

Snare Drums
Bass Drums (5)