New Policies for 2020


New Policies for Fall 2020

In response to the current national school closures

Hello Dear Friends, Colleagues, Clients and Fellow Humans,

We are reaching out to let you know we are here to help in any way as we all are trying to see our way through this unprecedented time. Please feel free to reach out with ideas on how we can make your program's and students' experience better. 

In light of recent events we are enacting the following policies for the fall of 2020 in hopes they will help aid your planning for the upcoming fall season should you choose to purchase a show from

  • Delayed Billing and Deposit requirements to receive musicWe will waive requirements for deposits before we send you your materials. All we would ask for is a promissory letter signed by the director of the program. We will work with you and your program’s cash flow timeline. This will help speed up your ability to receive music and get it into your students and designers hands so that you can get a start on the fall marching season. 
  • Free Smart Music FilesWe will include these if requested for free so that you can employ online training for your students. Smart Music is currently offering free access to their platform for programs affected by school closures. This is a great way to continue working with your students at home. 
  • Free Video Review and Feedbacksend us a video of a rehearsal run or performance from 2019 and we will send you feedback and notes to help strategize things to improve for 2020. 

We are grateful for being a part of your lives and contributing to the music education for so many students. 

- Owner,, LLC

We have over 20 Marching Band Shows ready for delivery right now and we are planning on adding more in the coming weeks. If you would like to see or hear some of the shows we are planning on releasing that are not yet on the site just shoot us a message and we are happy to send you materials.

You can request perusal scores for any of the shows currently on the site as well.

Finally - We are working on a few new projects for the fall and if you would like to inquire about commissioning a new show or co-commissioning something we are creating now please reach out as well.


All of our shows include the following:

  Wind and Percussion Scores and Parts
  Full Show mp3s - with and without metronome
  Fully Programmed MainStage File and Guide for easy electronics integration
  All Audio Samples for the Program

  Regional Exclusivity
  Electronic Delivery of all Files